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At the end of October 2013 the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada has traditionally announced plans for the next year. The most interesting in such statements is usually information about the allocation of quotas for various immigration programs, and then what kind of innovations can be expected in the nearest future.

Taking into account the fact that Canada's immigration system has been staying in transition period within recent years, which many commentators have described as a full-blown crisis, the Ministry plan for 2014 was expected with great impatience. Let me remind you that all popular earlier federal immigration programs have been actually closed at the moment and the time of applications waiting in line has increased greatly. Previously centralized flow of immigrants turned smeared on dozens of small provincial programs, the terms on which are constantly changing. Naturally, in such circumstances all people are expecting for some improvement at least. However, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has announced nothing new in his speech, despite the usual rant about the fact that Canada is preparing the plan for economic development for following years. It seems that the Ministry has decided not to change anything, putting a radical step to the beginning of 2015, when new system of selection "Express of Interest System" (EOI) for those who are planning to pass immigration on economic class should start.

It also can be concluded that the primary task of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the next year will not be accepting new applications, but processing of those applications that are waiting their turn. This makes sense, especially if to take into account that in 2015 current government plans to launch a new system for the selection of immigrants with the timing of the application not exceeding one year with great fanfare. It does not work, if not to process if all the statements that are waiting their turn. Therefore, we can hope that in 2014 all those who apply for economy class, including those who applied for business programs should receive a response from the embassies.

The total number of issued immigrant visas remains on the same level as Canada plans to adopt in 2014 from 240 up to 265 thousand of immigrants. By the way, there are heated debates in the Canadian press within the last couple of years, whether Canada needs immigration in general, and in what quantities. At the same time there is an opinion that immigration programs needed to be closed, as immigration gives nothing but problems and costs to Canada. On the other hand, economists publish their researches that without the influx of fresh labor Canadian economy will slow down its development and social problems associated with population aging will arise, recommending government to increase the annual influx of immigrants into the country to 400,000 people. It is yet unclear which opinion is predominant. At least, quotas for 2014 are the same and it is a good sign.

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